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We now have one Sunday service at 10:00 am.

See you then!

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Spend 5 minutes with a variety of SLCs and g

Meet with CLF's Spiritual Life Coaches

Spend 5 minutes each with several SLCs.

Ask them anything you desire and get an affirmative prayer.

Sunday, July 23rd, 11:45am

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A Day with Neale Donald Walsch

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, 9:30am

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I'm Rev. Michele Whittington. At CLF, we explore concepts that help take the confusion out of a seemingly confusing world. We teach spiritual principles to help you achieve a more joyous and fulfilled life, and we provide a community where like-minded individuals can fellowship and learn how to express their full potential. We believe in the unity of all Life and that each Life is a divine expression of God. Come join us! Learn more about us here...

Sunday Service - 10am

July 2017 Theme – Summer Traditions; Summer Wisdom The summer brings with it many traditions: 4th of July barbeques, swim parties and the like. What if, within these summer traditions, we were to find some wisdom for living a life of joy and happiness that comes from having a deep spiritual connection?  Come stay cool at Creative Living as we cull some summer wisdom out of our summer traditions. Weekly themes and audio...

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You can now download and transfer weekly podcasts directly to your portable player, automatically. It is simple for you to take Michele's messages with you anywhere and listen to them at anytime. Click here for directions and to connect...

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Creative Partners are businesses or services that have chosen to contribute a portion of their revenues to CLF when CLF congregants and friends purchase their products or use their services. Click here for info.

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Creative Living Fellowship is proud to be a Green Faith Sanctuary, part of a program in which religious institutions of all faiths and denominations commit to being leaders in environmental stewardship. More here...

Creative Living Fellowship is my spiritual home. I know there are hundreds of like-minded folks who will celebrate my every win and support me in my challenges. Plus it has the most fun loving minister EVER! Anne Caldwell

It's the spiritual community you ever want to be a part of hands down! Everyone is supportive and loving. I highly recommend checking out this community for a church homeBrett Getrost

CLF is FAMILY to me. Here at CLF, I am loved and accepted exactly as I am. Many years ago I left a religion that did not value individuality, and it took me a very long time to set foot back into a church. I’m SO glad it was CLF! Rick Daly

Creative Living Fellowship is my spiritual home and I am forever grateful for Rev. Michele and everyone at CLF. This community of like minded souls is great to be aroundTandy Elisala