Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe

In concert Sunday, October 26, 6pm

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At CLF, we explore concepts that help take the confusion out of a seemingly confusing world. We teach spiritual principles to help individuals achieve a more joyous and fulfilled life, and we provide a community where like-minded individuals can fellowship and learn how to express their full potential. We believe in the unity of all Life and that each Life is a divine expression of God. Learn more about us here...

Sunday Services - 9 & 11

September 2014 Theme - From Impediment to Empowerment In this experience called life, will we be blocked by obstacles or will use them as stepping stones to our greatness? This month we will look at any impediment as a chance for greater empowerment, as an opportunity to grow bigger in God and as an opening through which our consciousness can expand. Weekly themes and audio...

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CLF's vision is to co-create a world of personal and collective harmony, health, peace and prosperity. Through our tithes and other support, CLF helps make a positive difference to organizations and individuals beyond the walls of CLF. This column will illustrate, through stories and letters, how CLF has helped create a positive effect on the world. Thank YOU for helping make this possible! Learn more here...

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What a great joy to be part of the Creative Living Fellowship family.  I feel comforted & nurtured by the embrace of what I fondly call  ‘the spiritual hug’ of this very special community. Rev. Julie Williams

CLF is an incredibly important part of my life. The support of CLF and these teachings helped me through a difficult time and kept me aligned and grounded so I could do what was mine to do while the Creator of the Universe brought me my dream job. Thanks for all you do! Fran Peck

Greetings from Nevis Island in the Caribbean! I watch service on line each week from my balcony overlooking the ocean, so I want you to know that CLF has an impact across the globe. Thank you for all you do. You touch many people’s lives, including mine, and I so appreciate it. Scott Trent

Creative Living Fellowship redefined what church meant to me by fostering a community in which science and religion peacefully coexist. While only attending services for a little over a year, I feel like I grew up here...because I did. Amy Love