Green Faith Program

Creative Living Fellowship is thrilled to be a graduate of the GreenFaith Certification Program ( and is now a Green Faith Sanctuary. This is a program in which religious institutions of all faiths and denominations commit to being leaders in environmental stewardship and, during a two-year period (which began for CLF in May 2012) engage in a variety of initiatives to be more environmentally conscious within the walls of their spiritual community, to deepen the awareness among their congregation of the relationship between their spiritual beliefs and environmental responsibility and to provide youth and adult education on how individuals can live in greater harmony with Mother Earth.

This section of our website is dedicated to sharing a variety of activities, events and initiatives that CLF has been engaged in since entering the program. To see a complete list of our accomplishments click here.

CLF is honored to be the first New Thought church to be accepted into the GreenFaith Certification Program, and we are excited about blazing a trail for other New Thought churches to join. In fact, our mission statement for our GreenFaith Ministry is:

Our mission is to honor and respect our Oneness with all creation by being extraordinary leaders in environmental stewardship.

Dr. Michele believes that participating in this Certification Program is the next step in the evolution of our church. It is perfectly aligned with our 15-year vision, which states, in part:

"We are a powerful voice for the emergence of a strong, vibrant and healthy Mother Earth and the protection and love of all sentient beings. We demonstrate God’s love for the planet and all life by being a role model of a community committed to sustainability as well as by educating others in sustainable living practices."

GreenFaith provides extensive support to all of its participating spiritual communities. Six webinars equip spiritual leaders to complete the program successfully, an online center with over 200 resources helps congregations meet the program’s requirements, and GreenFaith’s staff freely offers support via phone and email.

When we began the program, we audited our facilities and programs using templates that GreenFaith provided and created an action plan for moving forward. Following is a partial list of our action plan items:

  • We have reduced waste and saved trees by no longer printing a Sunday bulletin or bulletins for special services. Our announcements now are displayed on a PowerPoint presentation before and after Sunday service, are verbally announced and come out in weekly mass email. We have also quit printing agendas and reports for our Board and Ministry ministries. Instead, we project them on a screen.
  • Also to reduce waste and save trees, as well as to cut down on our carbon footprint, we significantly reduced the number of mailed donor/volunteer thank you cards and member birthday cards. Rather we send e-cards to those who have email and only send “snail mail” cards to those who don’t have email.
  • To support eco-friendly transportation, we installed a bicycle rack, and we gave an enthusiastic “yes” to an unsolicited offer from a company that installs electric car charging stations (ECOtality North America) to install two charging stations in our parking lot – at no cost to us. Talk about being supported by the Universe when you are in alignment!
  • We are very excited to have created a relationship with a local farmer and to participate in his CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. He comes to CLF on the second Sunday of each month with fresh, pesticide-free, locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, etc. to sell.
  • To help educate our GreenFaith Ministry team members and Board of Trustees, we conducted a 4-week “Living Green” class put on by local environmental leader and CLF member, Greg Peterson, and we put an eco-tip in our weekly mass emails. We have also had youth curriculum developed around the relationship between environmental stewardship and spirituality. We have had several “environmental” Sunday services in which the day centered on our spiritual mandate to be good stewards of Mother Earth. In early 2013, we offered an afternoon workshop to the entire congregation on “Green Living” preceded by a vegan potluck.

These are just a few examples of the activities and initiatives CLF has been engaged in since May 2012. Since then, we have made significant shifts in the way we do business at CLF and in the environmental consciousness of all of us – which we know has already had a positive effect on our Earthy Mother!

The Green Faith Ministry is open to your ideas and projects. Please contact our Green Faith Ministry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .