Congregant Care Ministry


Through our open hearts the Congregant Care Ministry provides love, compassion, quiet listening, support and a strong connected presence to CLF and our global spiritual community.


To be a healing light to the CLF community individually and collectively any time extra support is desired, including times of illness, loss or transitions.


As a team dedicated to serving others, we fulfill this vision and purpose by:

Touching Hearts

  • Friendship and phone support with dedicated volunteers who share time and expertise to strengthen and promote health in mind, body and spirit
  • Resources for support, education and referral information
  • Help with short errands for groceries, prescriptions and the necessities of life and healing
  • Creative cards, notes and gifts that uplift and encourage others

Being Ambassadors of Love and Compassion

  • Short term support during times of illness, loss and or transition with bereavement and crisis care
  • Trauma and crisis care support counseling
  • Hospital and Hospice visits
  • Help in dealing with end of life issues
  • Memorial and funeral planning and hosting
  • Grief support workshops

Working with the ARK (Animals Receiving Kindness) Ministry

  • Animal Chaplains for prayer support for animals and guardians
  • Support for making end of life decisions
  • A resource for animal challenges and emergencies
  • Pet blessings
  • Grief support for pets and their owners

Coordinating with Ministry of Prayer

  • Ministers and Spiritual Life Coaches dedicated to the well being of CLF congregants, family members and friends during challenging life circumstances, providing loving prayer and spiritual support by being aware of the Presence of God in all situations.

Overseeing the Prayer Bear Program

  • Special bears that are prayed over by the CLF congregation bringing comfort and love to CLF congregants, family members and friends.  The Prayer Bears are messengers for all of our prayers, comfort, and love.

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