Electric Auto Stations

At Creative Living Fellowship we are striving to be extraordinary leaders in environmental stewardship, and we want to make a difference through education and exemplary living.

CLF joined a two-year environmental leadership program for houses of worship, called GreenFaith certification program based in New Jersey.

In this program we are required to accomplish projects like farmers' markets, solar installations, environmental justice advocacy, interfaith programs, worship services on the environment.....etc.and of course our electric car charging stations. We were so fortunate to receive the stations and installation at no cost from a local company.

The stakes for our national economy are incredibly high. The research firm IHS Global Insight predicts that advances in battery technology will allow hybrids and electric cars to grab up to 15 percent of the world's new-car sales by 2020. At today's production rates, that adds up to about 7.5 million cars a year -- and at an average cost of $30,000 per car, that equals $225 billion a year, roughly equivalent to Toyota's entire global sales in 2009, Foreign Policy calculates.

Electric vehicle charging stations help support the electric vehicle movement, help end our dependence on foreign oil, and help us lead sustainable, healthier lives.

Practically all major automakers have plans to introduce electric, plug-in or hybrid vehicles into their product lines. As growing attention for environmentalism is becoming more mainstream, drivers will look to purchase alternative fueled vehicles. Electric vehicle charging stations will change the way we think about powering our vehicles.

Click here for the press release regarding the electric auto station installation and see the photos below of the installation and the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Giva Schumacher, Green Faith Ministry Chair