Piestawa Peak Hike

As part of our outdoor activities and spiritual renewal time Dr Michele Whittington encouraged our congregation to participate in this wonderful hiking event to Piestawa Peak. We had a beautiful, spiritual experience and a profound connection with Mother Earth through a Native ceremony, the 7 Direction Blessing, and meditation. We were also blessed by the presence of two beautiful horses owned by our congregant Bev Ihingher. See the flyer for the event here.

Introduction to Hike – Dr. Michele

"... I encourage you to be mindful during our time with nature this morning. Look up – see the clouds (if applicable). Look around and be consciously aware of your surroundings, the flora and fauna, the animal life, each footstep connecting with Mother Earth upon the path as we walk. Be not only mindful, but respectful. Doing your best to damage nothing as you walk. Certainly staying on the trail. I also invite you to be alert to an object that may call to you – a twig, a rock, a flower. Pick that up and carry it with you to our meditation site. It will be brought into the meditation and the closing circle later on..."