Solar Panels

At the time of its completion, CLF's solar array was the largest installation by a non-profit organization in Arizona. Our 30KW solar system was turned on Friday, June 11th, 2010, just in time for our 15th Anniversary Celebration.

"This is an exciting project that will be an example for other solar installations in the Valley of the Sun," said Dr. Michele.

"We are proud to use solar as a renewable energy source and trust that this is only one of many future installations. We chose to partner with Standard Renewable Energy because their mission is to help their customers lower their utility bills, reduce their environmental impact, and increase their energy independence."

Standard Renewable Energy installed 132 solar panels, each generating 235 watts, which will provide approximately 70% of the church's power needs. The panels are made in the U.S. by Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Construction called for reconstructing our breezeway roof to accommodate the extra weight of the PV cells and began on February 11th. In spite of rain delays, it was completed in 17 days with no interruption of normal operations, on March 5th. Bill Kremer, the property manager and project manager for this effort at CLF, was impressed with the installation and operation of the new system. Mr. Kremer has an extensive background in commercial air conditioning units as well as industrial electrical systems and controls. "As soon as other efficiency measures such as the A/C units, ducts, and insulation are completed, the church should be running close to 70% on solar," Mr. Kremer said.

"We are entering a new era for the conscious use of energy, and we are very pleased to be an example," said Rev. Whittington. "Part of our mission at CLF is to reach out to serve the needs of others and we are doing that through using solar power as an example of social responsibility for our community."

On Sunday, June 13, 2010 we "Celebrated What Is and Created What Will Be," and the ribbon cutting, symbolizing CLF's shift to being powered by solar energy, occured at precisely 1:15pm on Sunday. The event was attended by representatives of Standard Renewable Energy and captured for the media by Channels 12, 15, 10 and 5.

Assisting Rev. Michele in the ceremony were Greg Peterson, whose early inspiration it was to attach solar panels to the roof, Rick Flory, whose company provided the resources, and Bill Kremer, who shepherded the entire project through with Standard Renewable Energy, the City of Phoenix and APS. We're off to the next 15 years in grand style!