Farmer's Market

I can't believe we are already in our second season with "our beloved farmer" Tonopah Rob.

In the beginning of 2012 we made the following announcement:
"Our Green Faith survey results are in! We have found there's a lot of interest in purchasing food from local farmers. Therefore, we're launching our CSA program. By joining the CSA you prepay our chosen farmer (Tonopah Rob) to grow food for you..."

.....And food he has been growing indeed!!!!! Wonderful fresh juicy produce from his farm has nourished our congregation for more than 18 months now, and we are so grateful! CLF has established a "Helping Hands" account for the less privileged and our congregants have generously donated some of their share money into this account to help our community. Rob has also generously given some funds of his own for this. Please contact the church office for moe details.

Rob comes to CLF at least twice a month (usually second and third Sunday 8:00am to 1:00pm). His market is open to the public. Please stop by and check it out.