Reflections - Anissa Storie

I grew up in Oklahoma where I was taught to honor Spirit who was within me and all around me, to respect Mother Earth and Father Sky. I was taught that the circle of life was a blessing and not to overuse or destroy the environment I lived in. This was a way of life for me.

In 1996 I took my desire for a more balanced ecosystem a step further and became a vegetarian. This choice created a window of opportunity for me to consciously look at how my actions, thoughts, beliefs, and values were affecting my immediate environment and how these were aligned with my Spiritual way of living. The Science of Mind Core Concepts go hand in hand with how I look at my environment and the way I choose to live. For me a Oneness with Spirit is a Oneness with Nature. I have consciously made choices that provide a better environment “That which I give out, I shall receive back.” For example my choice to not to eat meat helps in the prevention of global warming, provide less destruction of the rainforest and wildlife habitats. It was sad for me to find that the raising of animals for mass food production was so detrimental to the environment.

I remember sitting in my first Foundations of Practical Spirituality class listening to the topic of Spiritual Systems of Beliefs. A new THOUGHT creates a new condition; a new CONSCIOUSNESS creates a new condition: Thoughts (unconscious and conscious), Attitudes, Feelings, Values, Beliefs, Actions, and Spoken Word are all part of this system. This resonated with me and my desire for a better environmentally conscious world and the choices that I had been making most of my life.

I love the idea that as human beings, we have free will and can choose what we experience, whether it be positive or negative. I get to choose to “Go Green” as they say and look at the products I use and how I use them. I recycle, reduce, and reuse many items. I shop at second hand stores for items like clothes, furniture, and toys. I consciously choose to buy organic or grow my own food and share this with others. I love that there are others who share these items with me.

Through the Science of Mind religious teachings I am more aware of the impact I have and the opportunity to create with my thoughts and actions, a reduction of my ecological footprint. I am responsible for the changes to the climate and in doing so create a oneness with others that provides a universal impact. All that anyone will ever need or desire is already provided by Universal Abundance. Creating a consciousness around the way we think, behave, look at the world, interact with nature, and address social, economic, and environmental problems, allows for this Universal Abundance. In addition, it creates an understanding to improve the basic needs and rights of human beings, and an awareness of the fate of the planet Earth.