Reflections - Mary Jayne Hyde

As I drove south on 40th street toward Shea boulevard I could not help but notice the mountains looming ahead. The shadows were long and stretching westward. As I crossed Shea I enjoyed the old small ranch homes that I passed and it took me back to my youth when this area was not yet developed. 40th street ends at a parking lot and turns into some trails that lead into the mountains.

The members of CLF Green Faith Team were assembling in the parking lot about to begin the hike. We took the more level trail and drifted off to our destination. We were joined by some fellow horseback riders who rode along the trails with us.

After about 20 minutes I looked around and realized I saw nothing but desert brush, mountains, wildlife, cactus and other hikers. I could see anything that looked like the city as if it had been swallowed up by the mountains. I listened for traffic sounds, but there were none. I looked for palm tree tops and I could not see even one palm frond. And I felt a great sense of Peace as I realized I had broken away from the tumultuous activity of daily life and for this moment I was away and yet I was in the middle of the city. What an incredible treat this is.

After we hiked a bit more, we stopped and prayed and we celebrated this part of Life’s creation that creates and recreates without the hand of man. There was so much incredible beauty to behold in a short hike and I am so grateful to have experienced it with my beautiful CLF family members, the Green Faith Team.