Reflections - Roberta Croddy

Prayer for Mother Earth

Knowing the Divine Presence as one of Love which is in and through all, I recognize this Spiritual essence as the very Power expressing as Life itself. Spirit is Life. This life is perfect complete and whole, yesterday, today and for eternity

Knowing this loving flow is the current of our world I understand the Earth’s kingdom to be a living organism and witness life ever-awakening and proclaiming itself. I watch the planets trace their complex orbits perfectly choreographed by the universe. Every atom of the cosmos is seeking its perfect place to release its divine perfection. As I am aware of my role in life I bring myself into harmony with Earthly wisdom. My physical body resonates to the exact vibration of this beautiful mother earth on which I live. No longer contributating polluted thoughts into the environment; I expand my thinking into the image of peace. This beautiful heavenly Earth is the ideal habitat for the miracle of human life and I trust the intelligence of this Universe to successfully bring forth the next step of our Planets maturing and evolution.

I speak with the authority of one knowing that all that there is God. And I speak the word for each and every individual knowing that that we are galvanized into an awareness of a living, loving intelligence that leads guides and directs us into the path of righteousness and into divine and compelling right action where the unfoldment and evolution of our species and our planet is concerned. I call forth healing and right action for our planet, knowing there is a divine spiritual idea that is seeking to manifest right here and right now, healing renewing restoring planet Earth.

Right action is now showing up. Guidance is now showing up and wholeness and healing is now the order of the day for our planet, inhabitants and species. Our lives are a reflection of a life in balance and at peace with Mother Earth.

I give thanks that it is so and I let it be now and until forever more.