Green Faith

By Rev. Sandra Daly

“Green Faith...” What does that mean? What does “Green Faith” mean to me? It means loving our Mother Earth, and truly appreciating all that she provides to us that not only sustains us, but helps us to thrive in our human experience here on this amazing planet. It means trusting Her to provide... It also means NOT taking Her for granted. It means each of us doing our part, AS a part of the Whole that this planet is. It means being every bit as much of a “giver” as our planet is. It means bending over to pick up a piece of trash that I see in the road or in someone’s yard. It means not being wasteful with all the wonderful resources that our earth provides. But even more than that, to me it means being mindful in my own personal utilization of those resources. From how much paper I use and how I use it, to using public transportation to get back and forth to work, to taking advantage of the M-Power program that our electric company has made available to anyone who would like to go that route.

What is M-Power? It’s a program in which we buy our electricity before we use it, and we are able to monitor how much electricity we are using AS we’re using it. Not only is it helpful with regard to not being wasteful, it gives us a feeling of “doing our part” in the bigger scheme of “Green Faith.” It’s also both interesting and kind of fun to be truly aware of making a difference by making deliberate choices around how we’re using our electricity.

I’ve always cared about our planet’s health. What Creative Living Fellowship’s participation in the Green Faith Certification Program has done for me was to give that feeling of “caring” for our planet a boost into more actively participating in supporting our planet’s health every bit as much as She supports mine. There’s no reason in the world (pun intended) that it can’t be a mutual thing. For myself, making it a mutual relationship also makes it a more meaningful relationship. And that just feels good.