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“I Am . . .” Associates
Raquel Altreche
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As owner and operator of “I Am . . .” Associates, I am both a Life Coach and a trainer of those who desire to become Life Coaches. The foundation philosophy of my business as a Life Coach is to help people create the lives they want understanding that it starts with the way they think and their connection to their source of power. As a trainer of Life Coaches, I offer a comprehensive program to equip those called to this profession with the necessary skills and tools to be successful.

As a Creative Partner with CLF, I will tithe back to the church 20% of any revenue I receive from working with any member, congregant or friend of CLF.



Our Associates

Did you know you can support CLF through your regular purchases? In most instances this means that a percentage of purchases that are made by either clicking through our website link or signing up for membership will come to CLF with no extra cost to you. Click on the links below to learn more:




These are some of the creative ways to support your spiritual home and also helps your money to count twice: it allows you to purchase what you need and provides support for our goals. Over time, we’ll be exploring other partnerships.

While working with an associates partner does not imply any endorsement of that partner or of their policies, we will evaluate each partner to ensure that their overall record of doing business is not in direct conflict with our mission and values. We will be looking for other partnering opportunities, so please feel free to suggest any that you think might be a good fit. Contact us with your suggestions here.