Creative Partners - Tea

Kerstin Wingert,President
15414 North 7th Street, Suite 8
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Souvia® Tea offers a wide selection of premium loose leaf teas, herbals, botanicals and other tisanes from the best tea estates in the world, many of which are organic and Fair Trade. In addition to selling the teas, we offer the essentials to complete your tea experience.

At Souvia® Tea, our goal is to educate the customer on the quality and benefits of tea and to nurture appreciation for a beverage that is greatly enjoyed in Europe, Japan, China, India and throughout the world. We sell the tea/herbals for home consumption or you can enjoy any of our teas at our store on north 7th Street. We also put together gifts for all occasions and ship.

As a Creative Partner of CLF, we are happy and grateful to tithe 10% of any purchases made by a friend of the church back to the church. Here's how it works:

  • CLF congregants who make purchases at Souvia must identify themselves as CLF congregants.
  • Souvia will enter the customer’s information (including “CLF”) such as name and contact information into the company’s loyalty program.
  • Purchases will be rung up under the CLF congregant's loyalty information and stored.
  • Souvia will aggregate the purchases on a quarterly basis and tithe 10% of the total amount back to CLF.
  • Customer benefit is such that each purchase earns loyalty points which can be redeemed in form of brewed tea and select merchandise, including Souvia Tea Tastings.



Our Associates

Did you know you can support CLF through your regular purchases? In most instances this means that a percentage of purchases that are made by either clicking through our website link or signing up for membership will come to CLF with no extra cost to you. Click on the links below to learn more:




These are some of the creative ways to support your spiritual home and also helps your money to count twice: it allows you to purchase what you need and provides support for our goals. Over time, we’ll be exploring other partnerships.

While working with an associates partner does not imply any endorsement of that partner or of their policies, we will evaluate each partner to ensure that their overall record of doing business is not in direct conflict with our mission and values. We will be looking for other partnering opportunities, so please feel free to suggest any that you think might be a good fit. Contact us with your suggestions here.