Spiritual Life Coach - Susan Peacock


How did you get interested in New Thought/Religious Science?
Way back in the 1970's, the first book I read was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. Then I heard Rev. Bob Henderson at the Palms Theatre on Central Avenue in 1974. I took Foundations the first time in 1975.

Who are some of your most significant teachers/mentors?
My first Practitioner was Irene Hunter; who wrote and taught The Real You. This was in the 1970's. I love Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Echhart Tolle, Marianna Williamson, Byron Katie. There are so many Spiritual Teachers. I also took a class from Ken Keys - during the later 70's. He was amazing. I found Rev. Michele and CLF in 2004. Rev. Michele and Dr. Bobbie Croddy have been amazing teachers, friends and mentors. During the past 10 years I have received the most Spiritual growth and my life became much more peaceful, harmonious and full of joy.

Do you have an area that you are drawn to?
I love to work in all areas. I know that the right people are drawn together at the right time and I truly trust that.

Do you prefer to work face to face, over the phone or other ways?
Either. I love face to face, but I am also good on the phone. I encourage people to lay down during their treatment. This helps them relax and be open and receptive to the Spiritual Mind Treatment.

How long have you been a Practitioner?
Since 2010. How the times flies.

Are you a native to Arizona?
No, but I feel like one. I have lived here since 1960. My family moved here from Iowa when I was in high school.

Did you start in another religion?
Yes, I was a Methodist. I attended Catholic boarding school in high school. I became an Episcopalian. Have always been interested in Spirituality.

What is your greatest joy about being a Practitioner?
Knowing that, when I am "in the zone" God is flowing thru me as me. I pray on my way to a session and accept the Divine Flow. Being witness to seeing people find the answers; watching their face light up and smile when they get how magnificent they are. They absolutely lighten up. It is so wonderful to witness and fills my heart with joy.