Spiritual Life Coach - Rev. Peggy Conger

(limited duty)

How did you first get interested in New Thought/Religious Science?
I saw what it did to help my friends.

Who are some of your most significant teachers/mentors?
In the past - Dr. Vetura Papke, Dr. Lola Mays and Dr. Mary Alice Edgerton. Presently - Rev. Michele Whittington.

Do you have an area (such as health, prosperity, pets, etc.) that you are drawn to?
Health and change.

Do you prefer to work face-to-face, over the phone, or other ways?
Usually face-to-face.

How long have you been a Practitioner?
Since 1986.

Are you a native of Arizona?
I moved here in 1953 from Oregon.

Did you start in another religion?
I started in the Congregational Church.

What is your greatest joy about being a Practitioner?
Helping people.