Spiritual Life Coach - Rev. Cindy Farrimond

How did you get interested in New Thought/Religious Science?
One of my coaches at Landmark Education invited me to attend services with her at New Vision Spiritual Growth Center. I was inspired by the inclusiveness of all people and faiths, the love based teachings and the solid applicable principles.

Who are some of your most significant teachers/mentors?
Both Rev. Michele Whittington and Rev. Michelle Medrano. Paul Eppinger and Elred Spain of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, and my children Lesley Booher and Ashley Farrimond. These mentors have taught me to love myself and others unconditionally, to live my life fully, and inspire me to be the best person I can be.

Do you have an area (such as health, prosperity, pets, etc.) that you are drawn to?
I am drawn to helping people achieve their dreams no matter how big or how small. I am also drawn to any area that creates peace, unity, and unconditional love in our world.

Do you prefer to work face-to-face, over the phone, or other ways?
I am comfortable with any of these.

How long have you been a Practitioner?
I have been a Practitioner since August 2006.

Are you a native of Arizona?
If you believe in the 20 years or more in Arizona make you a native, I am. In reality, I was born in Norfolk Virginia, raised in So. California and have been living in Arizona since I was 16.

Did you start in another religion?
I attended a Baptist Church while growing up and tried many other faiths and traditions prior to being led to Religious Science. All of these faith traditions created a solid foundation for me to further build and express my Divine potential.

What is your greatest joy about being a Practitioner?
Helping people see the truth of who they are.