Spiritual Life Coach - Laura Jesmer

How did you get interested in New Thought/Religious Science?
I was invited to attend Creative Living Fellowship by a friend who was in the process of becoming a Religious Science Practitioner. I was excited to find others that had similar spiritual beliefs as I have and I felt loved and inspired the first day I walked through the doors.

Who are some of your most significant teachers/mentors?
I believe that each person and experience on my path have been important teachers. As I walked the journey of becoming a practitioner, Reverend Michele, Dr. Bobbie, and my Prac class have been loving teachers/mentors and continue to be!

Do you have an area (such as health, prosperity, pets, etc.) that you are drawn to?
I know that God directs me to work with people and different areas at the right time and right place.

Do you prefer to work face-to-face, over the phone, or other ways?
I am comfortable with any of these.

How long have you been a Practitioner?
I have been a Practitioner since August 2006.

Are you a native of Arizona?
I am originally from Chicago, IL and have lived in Phoenix since 1994.

Did you start in another religion?
I was brought up in Judaism and continue to feel connected to the traditions of my Jewish upbringing. I believe that being a Religious Scientist allows me to know God more fully and allows me celebrate and honor all teachings of Truth.

What is your greatest joy about being a Practitioner?
Living each day knowing the Truth of who I am and of each person I come in contact with!