Spiritual Life Coach - Karen Nestor

Cell phone: 602-380-3916

How did you get interested in New Thought/Religious Science?
When I was 19, I went to a Science of Mind Church with a group of friends, where Dr. Bob was Ministering. We were all taking a seminar called Omega and one of the requirements for the advanced training was to visit 4 different faiths or religious churches. After my first visit I realized that the church actually felt like home. I have always been involved in spiritual growth through seminars and classes and Religious Science had the same basic principles and understandings.

Who are some of your most significant teachers /mentors?
Well of course Rev. Michele has had a major impact in my life. Her style of teaching and her understanding of the principles have been a great gift in my life. George Addair the founder of Omega has been a wonderful mentor and teacher in my life at a very early age.

Do you have an area that you are drawn to?
I am very drawn to the law of attraction and have experienced many times the power and clarity it takes to manifest in my life.

Do you prefer to work face to face, over the phone or other ways?
I am comfortable working either face to face or over the phone.

How long have you been a Practitioner?
I received my license in 2004.

Are you a native to Arizona?
No, my family moved here from New Jersey in 1978 and I came along kicking and screaming. I think I'll always be an east coast girl at heart but Arizona grew on me after awhile.

Did you start in another religion?
Yes, I was raised protestant with a catholic Mom and a non religious Dad. Talk about confusing! I think that's why I started on my own spiritual path of at an early age. I had a yearning to find answers for myself.

What is your greatest joy about being a Practitioner?
My greatest joy about being a Practitioner is the opportunity to open my heart to receive Spirit for the client and for myself. I feel very blessed when someone asks me to be their Practitioner. To be able to hold a God-space of knowingness for someone fills me with purpose and grace.