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November 2017 Theme – The Way of the Whole Heart

At Creative Living’s ecclesiastical team retreat in October, our beautiful facilitator, Victoria Crawford, spoke of living from a place of wholeheartedness and defined wholeheartedness as having a heart that is Open, Full, Clear and Strong. This so inspired Dr. Michele that she decided to unpack the four aspects of wholeheartedness during the month of November. Be sure to join us this month as we travel the way of the whole heart.

November 5 – “The Open Heart”with Special Music by Jan Sandwich

Setting the tone for travelling the way of the whole heart, we begin with the idea of the Open Heart. What does it mean to have a heart that is open? What does a closed heart look like? And, of great importance, how do we open a heart that has closed? If you are ready to have your closed heart opened or your opened heart opened even wider, today has your name written all over it!

November 12 – “The Full Heart”with Special Music by Orgena Rose

The Full Heart is a heart that is generous, committed and fully engaged in the act of living. It is a heart that gives from the overflow rather than from its reserve. How can you tell if your heart is full to overflowing or if you are dipping into your reserve? And if you are dipping into your reserve, how can you get refilled? Answers to these questions are on their way to you today!

November 19 – “The Clear Heart”with Special Music by Jennifer Sheets

The Clear Heart thrives on openness and a deep willingness to love. A Clear Heart is free from upset, assumptions and agendas. A Clear Heart is liberated. Today, we clear the way and liberate our hearts.

November 26 – “The Strong Heart”with Special Music by Lee Robert
Transparent. Authentic. Genuine. Real. These are the ways of the Strong Heart. As we travel the way of transparency, authenticity, genuineness and realness, we find power, depth and meaning in a heart that is strong.


October 2017 Theme - There is Only One – Really and Truly!

We believe there is only One Presence, One Power, One Life and this One Presence, One Power, One Life is God. And we also believe that God is Good, all the time. We really and truly believe that! Yet, in our world today, everywhere we look, we see duality – love/hate, good/evil, health/sickness, joy/tragedy – just to name a few of the ones in our faces right now. During the month of October, we take a deep look at how to bring our fundamental idea of inherent Oneness and Goodness into a world that looks like it’s about to be torn apart with duality.

October 1 – “Freedom from Fear”Special Music by Pam Morita

There is a lot about which we could be afraid right now, isn’t there? And, in our humanness, it is easy to go there every time we hear the news. That is totally understandable. But today, we will gather for a powerful experience in community of aligning with the One Power that transcends all fear. Be sure to be with us and be a catalyst for Freedom.

October 8 – “What’s on Your Mind?”Special Music by Renee Patrick

Everyone has a lot on their minds right now about our world situation. What is on yours? Today, in an informal yet profound way, you get to ask whatever you would like to Rev. Michele and a panel of other Ministers and Spiritual Life Coaches. So come with whatever is on your mind and on your heart. We don’t guarantee to have all the answers, but we promise you will be seen, heard, loved and supported – and we will give it our best shot!

October 15 - “How to Love”Special Music by Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe

Van Jones once said, “When it’s hard to love, love harder.” Doing that is high and holy work, that’s for sure. But what could be more important? Today, we look at how we can “love harder” in some very real and tangible ways. And, if you have been looking for ideas on how to put the spiritual principle of Oneness into action, today is the day for you. Click here for the List of How to Love PDF.

October 22 - “Hijacked!... Or Embraced?”with Guest Speaker Rev. Sherry F. McCreary Special Music by Deborah Covington

The world seems to be rapidly changing, right before our eyes! Sometimes, it feels hard to keep up. We get hijacked by the appearances of duality, and the Truth of Oneness seems to slip away. When we can focus on and embrace the Oneness that is in the midst of everything, we begin to recognize the diversity in that Oneness rather than duality. Join Rev. Sherry as we explore the concepts of Oneness in Diversity and Diversity in Oneness that can free us from the imprisonment of dualistic experiences.

October 29 – “Wanting or Choosing”Special Music by Point of Light

When we find ourselves wanting anything for ourselves or for our world, we actually stand in the way of experiencing it. But, when we choose it -- when we choose to BE the one who is that – we align with the One and Only Power that can bring it about. Today, we choose love, we choose peace and we choose harmony in our lives and in our world.

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